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    Why Google’s Senior Engineer Thinks Meta Will Win the AI Race


    May 18, 2023

    Last week, we briefly looked at a leaked email from a Senior Engineer at Google who shockingly said Google nor Microsoft-backed OpenAI is “positioned to win” the AI race. Instead, it would be Meta.

    You’re telling us the owner of Facebook and IG will dominate AI? We can explain…

    Meta has been researching AI for over ten years — leading to the release of their own large language model, LLaMA, in February. Within days, the code was leaked online.

    • With open-source software, anyone can take the computer code, modify and use it — at a fraction of the price.
    • Stanford researchers used LLaMA to build their own AI system and released it on the internet — but took it down after concerns that it would be misused.

    Beyond Meta, smaller competitors are also releasing their open-source models — putting pressure on OpenAI and Google.

    This may be why OpenAI plans to release their open-source model, as reported by The Information this week.

    Is the future open?

    Meta’s Chief AI Scientist says, “Progress is faster when it is open.” And it would be incredibly valuable for Meta if every developer used its tools to build AI resources.

    • Up until now, OpenAI and Google have both taken a closed-off approach — worried the technology could be mishandled.
    • But Meta’s Chief AI Scientist doesn’t think it’s as dangerous as it seems — saying, “You can’t prevent people from creating nonsense or dangerous information or whatever.”

    Whether Meta will win the AI war is uncertain, but they sure are winning investors’ hearts this year with their 105% performance return.

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