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    Free Streaming Services See Increase in Viewership


    March 16, 2023

    State of streaming: Higher prices, more ads and less content.

    Streaming services have increased prices faster than the pace of inflation — despite cutting back on new content.

    Here’s how much prices have increased in the US:

    • Apple TV+ (40% price increase last October)
    • Disney+ (37.5% increase last December)
    • Netflix (11% increase in Jan. 2022)
    • HBO Max (7% increase this past January)

    Last month, Netflix reduced prices in over 100 smaller countries (not you, Americans), and Disney is considering selling Hulu and ESPN as part of efforts to turn around the business.

    Streamers struggle: The market has become much more competitive, consumers are spending less, and customers are angry at Netflix’s password-sharing crackdown. Last month, Netflix viewership fell to its lowest since May 2022.

    The result: Higher prices alongside a tougher economy have driven consumers toward bootlegging free streaming services.

    Within a year, the monthly average viewing minutes on US free streaming services increased **57% —** driving up the popularity of free ad-supported streaming services like:

    • Fox-owned Tubi (NASDAQ:FOX)
    • Roku-owned The Roku Channel (NASDAQ:ROKU)
    • Paramount-owned Pluto TV (NASDAQ:PARA)

    Watch: Netflix’s earnings report on April 18.

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