Cloud Giants Ride the AI Wave: From Oracle's Surge to Billion-Dollar Startups, the Golden Era of Cloud Computing is Here - The Average Joe


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    Cloud Giants Ride the AI Wave: From Oracle’s Surge to Billion-Dollar Startups, the Golden Era of Cloud Computing is Here


    June 15, 2023

    In a gold rush, sell shovels and let the miners go bust. The AI equivalent of shovels is computer chips, and they have been at the front of AI’s growth — but cloud providers are right behind.

    Oracle’s (NYSE:ORCL) massive 55% stock price increase this year highlights the excitement around AI’s potential to benefit cloud computing and storage providers.

    • This week, Oracle reported a 54% growth in cloud sales — up from 45% the previous quarter.
    • Oracle’s CEO said, “Gen2 Cloud has quickly become the No. 1 choice for running Generative AI workloads.”

    The cloud industry has slowed in recent years, with a pullback in IT spending. But that’s quickly changing as AI puts a spotlight back on the cloud.

    Catalyst: Large language models powering AI generate a huge amount of data — which needs to be stored somewhere. Enter: the cloud.

    Forecast: Google’s former head of AI and cloud (UncoverAlpha) says AI cloud spending is “on the verge of having a market explosion,” and spending could go from $10B to $100B in a few years.

    What else will help drive that growth?

    Massive investments into AI startups. In the first quarter this year, generative AI startups have raised over $1.7B — and just this week, four-week-old Mistral AI raised $113M to challenge OpenAI.

    The hype is real: Whether these startups fail or not, a large portion of that funding goes to cloud spending. And there’s enough to go around for the three largest cloud giants: Amazon (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft (Azure), and Alphabet (Google Cloud).

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