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    AI Influencers Will Make Life Even More Difficult For Aspiring Content Creators


    April 25, 2023

    The creator economy barely existed a decade ago. Today, it’s become one of teenagers’ most sought-after careers.

    One in four teens want to be a social media influencer — with 16% saying they would pay to become one, per a 2022 survey.

    But how lucrative can an influencer career be? Depends. Are you part of the 1% or 99%? Most of the money made with influencer marketing is concentrated among the largest creators.

    In a recent report, Goldman forecasted the creator economy to double to $480B by 2027. But here’s the catch:

    • Only 4% are considered “professionals” that make over $100K a year.
    • The average content producer on YouTube makes just $150 a year.

    In the market, value has predominantly flowed to the largest user-generated content platforms like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

    AI is coming for content creators

    Creators compete with other creators — and now they’ll also have to compete with AI influencers.

    • AI-generated virtual influencers have infiltrated platforms with accounts like Miquela, reaching over 2.8M IG followers.
    • In Asia, major brands already use CGI characters for modeling campaigns (see: Hatsune Miku).

    The AI influencer marketing industry is only getting started. Brands can’t ignore them, creators will have to learn to compete, and consumers’ feeds will be flooded with more AI influencers.

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