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    24-hour trading is booming on Robinhood

    Noah Weidner

    March 8, 2024

    To trade or to snooze? For crypto enthusiasts, it’s always been about trading — but stock investors are also shifting from counting sheep to building their portfolios. Last year, Robinhood ($HOOD) “crypto-fied” the stock market by becoming the first major brokerage to offer overnight trading — from Sunday 8 PM ET through Friday 8 PM ET. So far, it’s been a massive hit with retail investors.

    • CEO Vlad Tenev said up to 25% of Robinhood’s daily trading volume comes from overnight trading on busy days — totaling over $10B since its launch in May.
    • Over the past year, $HOOD has surged nearly 75% as trading activity rebounded, and the company broadened its focus beyond day traders to include long-term investors with 401(k) dollars.

    Twilight trading: With a 24-hour market, Robinhood can make money while most of its employees sleep. Extending trading hours could further boost the company’s earnings from trades. Accessibility is crucial — Robinhood offers overnight trading on 900+ of the most popular stocks and exchange-traded funds, although this is just a fraction of the 8K securities traded on US stock exchanges.

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