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    Best Stock Investing App for Beginners


    July 22, 2021

    best stock investing app for beginners

    In the past few years, newer financial technology companies have disrupted the stock investing app industry — raising billions of dollars in the process to build better platforms for consumers. As a result, investors now have an abundance of options to choose from when picking the best stock investing apps .

    Many of the older stock investing applications (i.e. TD, Fidelity and Charles Schwab) have focused on building their products for wealthy clients with millions of dollars to invest — lacking features tailored to everyday investors.

    While emerging fintech companies build their investing apps with one person in mind: the consumer. These companies have focused on innovative products, better user experience and lower fees.

    With features like social investing, copy trading, auto-investing — these are the stock investing apps you should be using, not the clunky, outdated investment platforms.

    Content: Best Investment Apps

    The Best Investment Apps For Convenience: M1 Finance

    M1 Finance differentiates itself from traditional stock investing apps — by offering both a stock trading and robo-advisor service. Investors can choose to buy individual stocks or select from over 80 different strategies that auto invests on your behalf.

    Among all the stock investing applications, M1 Finance offers the most customizations and automation. By offering investing, banking and borrowing all in one app, M1 Finance has many unique features that a standalone investing app doesn’t.

    Best for: Those who like customization/flexibility in managing their investments with the option to switch between active/passive investing. Also great for those who want to manage their finances in a single place.

    Key Features:

    • Expert portfolios: Choose from over 80 different portfolios with unique themes that auto invests on your behalf.
    • Super app: M1 Finance offers a finance app that includes investing, borrowing, saving and spending tools.
    • Smart transfers: Set up automatic transfers based on “rules” like investing excess cash past a certain point.
    • Borrowing options: Borrow money to invest, pay down debt, or cover large expenses using your portfolio as collateral — interest rates as low as 2%.

    See all of M1’s features.

    Bonus: Investors can get up to $4,000 when transferring an account from a different brokerage.

    One of the most iconic things with M1 Finance is its investing “pies” — a dashboard that beautifully lays out your portfolio holdings and shows your portfolio diversification.

    Cons: Lack of more advanced investments like crypto, options, forex and futures trading.

    Try M1 Finance

    m1 stock investing app

    The Best Investment Apps For Trading and Crypto: eToro

    eToro is one of the fastest-growing investment platforms globally and one of the few that offers both stock investing and crypto trading. Over 20 million users in the world trade on eToro, making it one of the largest. We’re excited for this one as eToro has several unique features that aren’t available on other platforms (see below).

    Best for: Investors who are looking to trade cryptos and stocks. 

    Key features:

    • CopyTrading: This is an eToro unique feature that lets investors see and copy the trades of top investors on its platform.
    • Social investing: eToro offers a Twitter-like feed and the ability to follow other investors and create group chats with friends.
    • Crypto trading: Unlike other stock investing apps listed here, eToro is the only one with crypto trading — the most popular cryptos including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin and more.
    • Virtual portfolio: Learn to invest with a free $100k demo account.
    • Educational resources: eToro offers lots of educational videos and step-by-step tutorials to teach investing basics as well as more advanced topics

    Discover all of eToro’s features

    Cons: Only crypto trading is available in the US.

    Try eToro

    Cryptocurrency is offered by eToro USA LLC (“the MSB”) (NMLS: 1769299) and is not FDIC or SIPC
    insured. Investing involves risk, and content is provided for educational purposes only, does not imply a
    recommendation, and is not a guarantee of future performance. [website domain name] is not an
    affiliate and may be compensated if you access certain products or services offered by the MSB.

    etoro stock investing apps

    The Best Investment Apps. for Beginners: Public

    Public is one of the newer stock investing apps, but the company has grown exponentially since being founded in 2018. Today, the app has over 1 million users. And there’s a reason why it has snowballed.

    The stock investing app focuses on long-term investing and doesn’t allow day-trading and other risky investments like options trading and buying risky over-the-counter stocks.

    Best for: Focusing on building a long-term portfolio without distraction from risky investments, Public is the app for you.

    Public has a significant social investing component by building an app where investors can discuss and follow other investors — similar to eToro.

    Key features:

    • Social Investing: Public has a Twitter-like feed and the ability to follow other investors and create group chats with friends.
    • Investing Themes: Browse through its various investing themes like Crypto Revolution, Dividend Stocks and Artificial Intelligence to invest in relevant companies.
    • Town Halls: Live Q&A’s directly in the app with CEOs and leaders of public companies that are investable within its apps.
    • Safety Labels: Public labels its stocks with tags that indicate if they filed for bankruptcy, are small-cap stocks and are other risky investments

    See all of Public’s features.

    Cons: No over-the-counter (OTC) stocks or options trading (which might not matter if you plan on investing in less risky stocks).

    Try Public

    public stock investing app

    The Best Stock Investing Apps: Feature Comparison


    M1 Finance



    Fractional Investing

    ✅ (Outside US)



    0.75-2.9% (Crypto)


    Crypto Investing

    Options trading

    FDIC Insurance

    $250,000 USD

    $250,000 USD

    $250,000 USD

    Options trading


    US Only

    US (Crypto)

    US Only

    Mobile app

    Taxable accounts

    Joint accounts

    Roth IRA accounts

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