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What you'll get from reading our eBook?

📚 Learn the basics of the stock market

🏗️ Understand how to build your perfect portfolio

💸 Set yourself up to buy your first stock

Are you interested in learning about the stock market but overwhelmed by all the complex topics and terms? Our investing guide sets you up to invest on the stock market in the simplest way possible.

With the eBook, you'll learn...

  • Understanding your investment horizon
  • Choosing a portfolio allocation
  • Finding the investment type that fits you best (ETFs vs mutual funds vs stocks)
  • Deciding how much money to start with
  • Picking a stock broker
  • The Average Joe educates the everyday investor about the stock market in a light and conversational tone. We use less financial jargon and explain only the most important information to get you ready for the stock market.

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