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    Direct Response Copywriter [Part-Time Contract]

    Every story has a hero…

    And this could be the start of your journey. We’re looking for a direct response copywriter to put their craftsmanship to the test. As part of your weekly quests, you’ll be required to write 2-5 native newsletter ads per week. Turnaround time for each ad will be 3-10 business days. This is a contract part-time role that will require ~5-10 hours per week.

    The Average Joe’s Story

    The Average Joe is a newsletter-first media company with a mission to help the modern generation live their best financial lives. Our flagship daily newsletter reaches over 250K investors with coverage on the US market, investing trends, and personal finance topics.

    Why newsletters? Ever since the dawn of Google, media companies have been trying to game the algorithm to land on that highly sought-after 1st-page ranking. In the process, financial articles have become unnecessarily long, are being stuffed with more keywords than a Neil Patel article and will put you to sleep faster than watching paint dry. With newsletters, we can change the status quo.

    • We have open rates of 50%+ that shatter the industry average — which means every day, over 125K people read what we write.
    • Our readers show up not because we rank first on Google, but because they actually enjoy our content.

    But we didn’t get there with sheer luck. It took years of honing our voice and building a world-class writing team that punches far above our weight. If you want to join a team that prioritizes high-quality content, keep reading.

    The heavy burdens you’ll be shouldering

    • Write engaging, high-quality, and compelling ads that drive clicks.
    • Get reader attention by crafting attention-grabbing headlines, weaving product benefits into simple, direct copy.
    • Adapt to our voice and be able to write short and concise copy which is often under 100-150 words.
    • Proofread and edit content to ensure accuracy, grammar, and brand guideline consistency.
    • See examples of our newsletters here:

    Are you the one?

    • Experience writing financial copy is a massive bonus. The majority of our partners are financial advertisers (i.e. Alternative assets, startups crowdfunding, gold IRA, etc.) and being able to understand their product is important.
    • You can write eye-capturing and engaging copy that makes people read through the entire ad. This requires adapting your voice to the conversational, witty and concise tone of our newsletter.
    • If it’s not obvious, you must have exceptional writing, spelling, and grammar skills. That could be honed through many years of professional experience as a copywriter — or maybe you’re just naturally talented and can thrive with little experience. That’s fine too. We value quality of work and creativity, not years of experience.
    • You are a human, not a robot (ChatGPT 👀). And most importantly, you sound like a human, because no one wants to read dry and boring copy.

    How can you apply?

    Send us a messenger pigeon with your application to Please attach the following documents and answers to the following questions.

    1. Resume, CV, and sample work/portfolio.
    2. Why do you want this position?
    3. If you were writing a native newsletter ad for an investment brokerage like Robinhood or Wealthsimple, what would you write as the title and the first sentence?

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