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    The important questions investors need to ask in 2023


    December 14, 2022

    Uncertainty is an investor’s worst nightmare. And the past three years have brought more surprises than Charlie Day can deliver.

    Never a dull moment in Philadelphia.

    From a global pandemic to an invasion of an entire country — nothing’s been off limits.

    What’s in store for 2023? More uncertainty.

    But also answers to some of our biggest questions…

    1. When will the Fed stop raising interest rates? Could they even possibly lower them in 2023?
    2. Will we enter a recession? Or will we achieve a soft landing (no recession)?
    3. How far will inflation fall? And how much lower will commodity prices like oil drop?
    4. How far will the housing market decline?
    5. Will the Russian/Ukraine invasion reach an end?
    6. Will China stay open after a wild two years of volatility for US-listed Chinese stocks?
    7. Will we finally start to see unemployment rates rise? And how high could it go if it does?
    8. How far will the FTX contagion spread? And will we see another major crypto blow-up?

    The answers will help us understand how the economy will fare — and when markets could finally bottom.

    We’ll see you back here in January for another wild year in the markets, where we’ll hopefully give you some answers.

    Happy holidays and see you next year.

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