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    America’s top new job markets are heating up — literally

    Noah Weidner

    March 9, 2024

    If you’re on the hunt for a fresh job opportunity, you might need to look beyond your usual spots. But hey, that could be a plus if you’re into sunnier, warmer, and more affordable places. Since 2018, America’s hottest job markets have all been in the Sunbelt region, which has seen nearly 3.7M new jobs added, leaving other areas in the dust.

    • Since 2019, job growth in the Sunbelt has been 3x faster than in other parts of the US — surpassing metros in the west (0.84M jobs added), Northeast corridor (0.21M), and legacy regions (0.11M).
    • Texas-based cities like Dallas, Houston, and Austin represented nearly a quarter of this growth — while jobs in smaller Sunbelt cities such as Huntsville, Albuquerque, and Jackson have also seen a surge.

    From snowbirds to sunbirds: Job creation has hit a wall in traditional metros like Chicago and iconic Northeast cities like New York City, which have actually lost jobs since the pandemic began. Even on the West Coast, meccas like San Francisco are struggling to create new jobs as remote work and more affordable cities become increasingly appealing.

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