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    3.2M Americans Embrace Second Jobs, Led by Millennials Side Hustles

    Rhea Lobo

    June 26, 2024

    In today’s economy, relying on just one job isn’t cutting it anymore, especially for millennials who are increasingly freelancing for extra income.

    According to Revelio Labs, 3.2M Americans now supplement their main income with freelance work, representing a 60% surge since 2019, primarily driven by millennials aged 28 to 43.

    • The top freelance side hustles among millennials include creative services like writing (13.5%), photography (12.8%), and graphic design (11%).
    • The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that nearly 8.4M Americans juggled multiple jobs in May — nearing a record high set in the ‘90s.

    Double or nothing: Despite being in a job-rich market, many millennials burdened with student debt and increased living expenses since the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis have been compelled to take on second jobs. This financial pressure extends beyond millennials, with 54% adding side hustles in the past year purely out of necessity rather than personal interest. With wages failing to keep pace with the rising cost of living, a secondary source of income has become essential for affording their American Dream.

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