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    Sonos Amplifies Sound Experience with New Ace Headphones

    Rhea Lobo

    May 22, 2024

    Sonos ($SONO) is stepping out of the (speaker) box by launching its debut headphone product — the Sonos Ace. These over-ear headphones promise an immersive listening experience, boasting features like “swap” for seamless TV audio streaming — and integration with other Sonos devices. Priced at $449, it’s one of the audiophile market’s most expensive headphones — but it could be a game-changer for the company as it quarrels with slowing sales.

    • Sonos expects a significant contribution from headphones to its projected $100M in new product revenue this year, anticipating strong uptake from existing customers.
    • This strategic step could bolster Sonos’ foothold in consumer electronics — potentially adding up to $1.7B in fiscal 2024 revenue.

    A harmonious future: Despite competition from industry giants like Apple ($AAPL), Sony ($SONY), and Bose, Sonos’ history of navigating the tech landscape gives it a fighting chance in this new endeavor. Sonos envisions that the unique features of the Ace headphones will sway customers in their favor. Moreover, plans to diversify its product range aim to stabilize revenue streams. Sonos CEO Patrick Spence has hailed the headphones as the “most requested product,” expressing confidence in their potential to benefit both customers and the company.

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