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    Robinhood Wants To Pay You To Become Your New Retirement Piggy Bank

    Noah Weidner

    February 15, 2024

    Commission-free investing platform Robinhood (NASDAQ:HOOD) believes We Are All Investors… but that doesn’t mean we’re all good ones. The pandemic hero made billions building its easy-to-use trading platform, but as stocks collapsed, so did its growth — leaving investors with a $54B loss in 2022. After losing half its users, Robinhood is making a simple, aggressive, and expensive offer to get them back: paying users to invest.

    INTERESTing quarter: The company beat analysts’ predictions thanks to a surprising profit in 2023Q4. This was buoyed by a 41% increase in net interest revenue and an 8% rise in transaction revenues.

    • For 2024, analyst John Tadaro tells Yahoo Finance that he sees the majority of growth “coming from crypto,” while Robinhood’s CFO said, “declining interest rates tend to support growth in assets, balances, and trading” — with rates expected to fall this year.
    • CEO Vlad Tenev says Robinhood has “grown more in the first half of Q1 than [it] did in each of the last eight quarters,” averaging more than $100K per transfer into the platform.

    From Davey Day Trader To Larry Long-Term Investor

    Less than 1% of Robinhood’s $102.6B in assets under custody are in retirement accounts — balances that tend to stick around and produce more revenue. To attract long-term investors and increase revenue stability, Robinhood offers a 3% match on IRA contributions and rollovers — besting copycat competitors like SoFi (NASDAQ:SOFI), which offers 2%.

    • Since its launch, Robinhood has opened more than 490K retirement accounts, with an average user balance of $3.5K.
    • However, wealthier clientele are capitalizing on this offer — potentially netting them a $30K bonus by transferring a $1M retirement account to Robinhood.

    Penny for your thoughts: This strategic move aims to foster investor loyalty ahead of an expansion into advisory and credit services, two segments in which Robinhood has already invested millions. Analysts anticipate that Robinhood’s acquisition of credit card company X1 for $104M will yield positive results, particularly with the launch of a dedicated credit card designed for its subscribers later this year.

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