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    Oracle Wants to be the “Netflix of AI”


    February 23, 2023

    Does your business manage and store lots of data? Oracle’s got you.

    The tech giant is known for their database software and hardware but has grown so large — it provides enterprises a wide range of services.

    • In 2016, Oracle jumped into the cloud computing market — going up against Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft.
    • But at a 5% market share, Oracle’s cloud biz is tiny compared to the other tech giants.

    What was the ending of that story with the tortoise and the hare? Oracle’s late entry may have given it an edge in AI.

    They were able to see what others were doing and find their area of expertise. And Oracle built its hardware to handle large-scale AI tasks. Oracle livin’ in 2023 back in 2016.

    Here’s where it gets interesting. Per The Information, at least six major AI startups rely on Oracle for cloud computing. Why?

    • Cheaper + faster: One AI founder said Oracle is consistently 23-33% cheaper, and training AI models are faster on Oracle.
    • Conflicting interests: AI startups are cautious about using Alphabet and Microsoft’s consumer AI products (i.e., Bing, OpenAI) — because they compete with their own AI products.

    Oracle wants to do what Netflix did for shows — to AI — by providing “the best AI software and hardware to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure” (theCUBE).

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